How do I use acknowledgement codes for gift letters?

You can structure acknowledgement codes to better determine what they are used for. These codes can then be used in a master merge template to help with mailings.
Acknowledgment codes are typically used to identify the type of acknowledgment letter (or method of communication) that will take place between the you and the donor.  For example, the following codes might be used for the following purposes:
  • Emal - the acknowledgment can be done via an email
  • Phon - the Executive Director will call and thank personally and the receipt letter will follow
  • Gen - the standard general letter will be sent
  • Mem - the letter set up to handle the special memorial name fields will be sent
  • Hon - the letter set up to handle the special honorarium fields will be sent
  • Stck - The letter that includes stock receipt information is used
  • Spec - A special letter sent to large donors will be send
  • Meet - A special letter mentioning their meeting with the Ed will be sent
  • Ann - a letter thanking them for a contribution to the annual appeal
  • AnnM - a letter acknowledging receipt of the Annual Dinner donation (non-gift)
  • AnMS - a letter acknowledging receipt of the Annual Dinner donation and an additional donation ( part gift and part non-gift) etc.
Many letter variations can be created.  They can indicate responses that should be made by particular individuals using phone, email or letter. 

The word documents created can be written to have special language, additional paragraphs, refer to the use of the funds, detail more information about the use or purpose of the gift. Foundations might include paragraphs detailing what the fund will be doing with the money- they special project or focus for the year. 
  • You might be doing a fund-raiser and need to detail auction items or how much of the "gift" is for a non gift ( a book, a ticket, a dinner, golf tournament, etc) and how much is an outright gift. 
  • You might need to acknowledge the receipt of a non cash item.
  • All of these variations can be included in a letter and can be included based on the type of acknowledgment code you have chose.
You can use a master letter to select the individual letters for each of the acknowledgement codes in the exported data.  A sample master letter is attached for downloading and modification.
  master letter.doc

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