In Windows 7, Microsoft has restricted access directly to the root of the c: drive commonly used by FIMS for exports and reports.  Since merge letters are best run in the organization with data saved locally to avoid overwriting other people's data, we suggest creating a new folder on everyone's local c: drive so that the new exports and reports can be saved in a consistent location. For example: c:\data or c:\exports.

After creating this new folder on everyone's local c: drive, you will need to change the following:
  1. Modify the merge letters so they are looking for the exported data in the new location
  2. Saved Reports 
    1. Load the Saved Report
    2. Change the File Name on the Send To tab to the new folder (e.g. instead of c:\app.txt, it would be c:\data\app.txt),
    3. Click Update to save the change
  3. In Tools\System Utilities\System Initial Setup on the Word Processing tab you should also change the default locations for the Export Path and Output to File path.