If you've exported data from FIMS, opened it in Excel, and done subtotalling, you may want to copy just the subtotal lines to a new sheet.   
  • After subtotalling, click on the 2 square on the left to just see the subtotal lines. 
  • Highlight the subtotal lines you want to copy. 
  • Press F5 on your keyboard, click Special, and choose Visible Cells Only. 
  • Click OK. 
  • Then click Copy, and Paste the lines to a new location.  
You could also add the Select Visible Cells as a button on your toolbar for easy access.  Depending upon your version of Excel, adding the Select Visible Cells icon to your task or quick launch bar might be slightly different.
  • In most versions of Excel you can right click on the menu bar or icon area and select customize. 
  • If in the newer versions of Excel with the "ribbon" you can only add icons to the quick access toolbar.
  • After opening the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar option, choose All Commands from the list filter. (It probably says Popular Commands by default) and scroll down to Select Visible Cells.  
  • Add this option to the Quick Launch Toolbar.
To use the option in the spreadsheet,
  • Highlight the cells you want to copy.
  • Click on the Select Visible Cells Icon.
  • Click Edit>Copy or do a Ctrl+C, navigate to the new location and either select Edit> Paste or Ctrl+V.