To fix the numbers, you can run the Grant Number Correction routine. Grant Number Correction will change the Grant Number of a selected Grant Application, posted or unposted, whether Approved, Denied, or  Withdrawn.
  • The new number can not be in use by another Grant or Grant Application.
  • The new number should observe the conventional  format,  e.g. 20160025.
  • The look up button for new grant number selects the next available grant number.   It is best if you have your numbering already set for the new year.
Refer to Article # 25542 for instructions on how to change the next number to be assigned.

To use the Correction-Grant Number Routine:
1. In the Grants Module, Click on the Application History Super Tab > Adjustments > Correction - Grant Number
2. Click Run Process.
3. Click past the FIMS Help screen.
4. Select either Posted or Unposted Application
5. Either type in or look up the Grant Number
6. Verify the information in the center to be sure you have the correct application.
7. Click the blue magnifying glass if you want the system to automatically assign the next available grant number or manually type in the grant number desired.
8. When finished, click OK

Changing the grant number will not change the refno field on an already created journal entry.  If you change the grant number before posting the journals, you can manually change the reference number on the unposted journals and then post them.
The correction routine will also not change already created reports or correspondence.  It will not change a folder already created in windows explorer. Both of those modifications must be done manually.