Special Handling codes allow you to provide extra information about a Profile or Fund that applies to them when adding a particular transaction in FIMS.   This means if you want to be notified of anything special or out of the ordinary regarding a Profile or Fund when entering Gifts, Pledges, Grants, Scholarships, or even Accounts Payable vouchers, you can set up a Special Handling code and you will get a message popping up to inform you of what needs to be done.  

Examples of Special Handling:
  • You want to remember that a special acknowledgement letter needs to be sent to a particular Profile whenever they make a Gift.
  • You need to send notification to all the Fund-reps associated with a particular Fund when a Grant is awarded from that Fund.
There is one Special Handling code table for both Profiles and Funds accessible from File Maintenance for Profiles or Funds.   Codes can be set up that might be applied to several different Profiles or Funds, or can be unique to one particular Profile or Fund. 

To add new Special Handling codes, follow these steps:
  1. Select File Maintenance > Profile (or Fund) Code Maintenance > Special Handling .
  2. The Special Handling Code data grid opens.
  3. Click the New button on the left-hand side of the toolbar.  
  4. The Special Handling Code window opens. In the Special Handling field, enter the code that you want to use (up to 10 characters).
  5. In the Special Handling Description field (to the right of the code field), enter a short text description of the code.
  6. In the Applies To Section, select the option associated with the module where you want to be able to assign the code: Fund , Profile or Both .
  7. In the Special Handling Instructions section, enter the full text of the instructions you want to associate with the code. This information will appear each time the Fund or Profile associated with the code is added to a Gift, Grant, Voucher, Scholarship, or Pledge.
  8. In the Pop Up for Modules section, select the checkbox associated with each module where you want the Special Handling instructions to appear.
  9. Clear the checkboxes for any modules where you do not want the instructions to appear.
  10. Click the Save button on the toolbar. Repeat this process to create or edit any additional codes.
  11. When you are finished, click the Close button.
To add the code to a Profile:
  1. Go to the Profile module
  2. Find the specific Profile
  3. Click on the Profile 2 tab
  4. Look up and select the code in the Special Handling field
  5. Click Save
To add a code to a Fund: 
  1. Go to the Fund module
  2. Find the specific Fund
  3. Click on the Fund 2 tab
  4. Look up and select the code in the Special Handling field
  5. Click Save
When the Special Handling code is assigned to a Profile or Fund, a window will appear when the Profile or Fund is selected for a transaction that is associated with the Special Handling code. You can use this window to view the Special Handling information.  

If the Special Handling is specific to a Profile, you also have access in this window to any of the Profile Notepads and Donor or Grantee Comments.  

If the Special Handling is specific to a Fund, you also have access in this window to the Fund Comments, Gift Language, Operational Notes, and Yearbook fields.