Typically FACTS posting is the one that drifts from close to instantaneous to up to an hour or more.

Regularly running the Keynumst.cmd  program should fix this.  This procedure can be found in the Found\FIMS directory.
  • It only takes a second to run on the server.
  • No one has to be out of FIMS, although it would be good if no one is posting anything in any module.  
  • It must be run on the server.  
  • It can be run nightly.
  • It should be run whenever users experience increased posting times.
  1. Click on the Operating System Start button > Command prompt. 
  2. Copy or enter the command line below. 
    • Edit the d (drive) to be whatever the install drive is for FIMS from the server's perspective.  It is unlikely to be an "n" and is typically a "c" or "d". 
    • Correct any additional folder changes necessary. 
    • The first section of the command points to the location of the tool. 
    • The next points to the folder where the database resides.
    • The last points to the dlc folder. 
    • Note that there are spaces between the three elements.    
      d:\npo\found\fims\keynumst d:\npo\found\dbfiles\found d:\npo\dlc
      3. Click Enter to run the command.