To resolve this behavior, rename the existing Normal Template(s) and restart Word, which will create a new Normal template using its default template settings. We recommend using the steps below:

1. Close all instances of Microsoft Word and Outlook on the workstation.
2. In Windows Explorer, locate the NORMAL.DOT file; this file usually resides on your workstation's hard drive.
3. Rename the file "NORMAL_OLD.DOT" so that you can search for it alphabetically.
4. Restart Microsoft Word. (Note: Certain installations of Microsoft Word may have multiple versions of this same file. Be sure that you rename all instances of NORMAL.DOT on your workstation's hard drive.)  

If you do not receive the #5981 error message, the problem is resolved. Note that if your original NORMAL.DOT (now renamed "NORMAL-OLD.DOT") file had any custom formatting or Macros associated with it, you can copy them to the new NORMAL.DOT. For details on working with Word templates, please refer to your product documentation. If you cannot open Word, or you continue to receive this error, please contact MicroEdge Technical Support at 877-704-3343 or so that we may assist further.