To resolve this error, you can use Microsoft Word to turn off the template's Protect Forms option.

(NOTE: The following procedure is a suggestion for working with Microsoft Word, which is not a MicroEdge product. For complete information about the Protect Forms option, please refer to your Microsoft documentation. If the template you are working with was created by another member of your staff, be sure to consult that person before making any changes to their template.)

1. Log in to the GIFTS Administrator Module.
2. Select Setup > Correspondence Templates.
3. Open the template that you were trying to use when the error occurred.
4. From the Word menu, select Tools > Unprotect Document. Once this step is taken, Microsoft Word removes any password protections that were set up for the document.
5. Save and close the template, and exit Word.
6. Close the GIFTS Template Library.
7. Repeat the steps you had taken to create/edit the correspondence