Before you can access Host*Net FIMS on a new Windows workstation, you need to install Citrix.  Follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to
  2. Hover over Downloads.
  3. Click on "Select a product".
  4. Click on "Citrix Receiver".
  5. Click the download button "Download Receiver X.X.XXX for Windows" OR "Download Receiver XX.X for Mac" (Note we've used Xs, as the version number will change as new versions come out)
  6. Save and run the download file "CitrixReceiver.exe" (Windows) OR "CitrixReceiver12.0.dmg" (Mac).
  7. Allow the software to install and follow the on screen prompts (click next through the prompts).  Once it’s done, click finish (ignore the add account button) and the installer will close.
Now log into Hostnet and launch FIMS from the menu.