The following items address the most-commonly reported causes of this issue:

1. Log in to the GIFTS Administrator Module
2. Choose Setup menu > Preferences > External
3. Check the Alternate Document Viewers to be sure the path to EXCEL.EXE is correct.
4. Verify that the user who is logged in to the workstation when the error occurs has permission in Microsoft Windows to run the Microsoft Excel application file, and that he or she has full access to the GIFTS directory and all of its subdirectories.
5. Reboot the workstation to resolve any intermittent system or connectivity problems.

If none of these steps resolves the issue, please contact MicroEdge Technical Support at 877-704-3343 or for further assistance.  

NOTE 1: If the problem does not occur on all workstations, it is likely an environmental issue rather than an issue with your GIFTS software. It is the client's responsibility to reconcile the differences between operational and problematic workstations.
NOTE 2: When GIFTS exports data to Excel, it must be able to read a template file located in the GIFTS directory. Refer to the Compatibility Fact Sheet for your version of GIFTS to ensure that the version of Microsoft Excel that you are using has been certified for use with GIFTS.
NOTE 3: 
If you use Excel 2003 Service Pack 2, ensure that you have the latest Microsoft Office updates provided by Microsoft [available from]. Versions of Excel 2003 SP-2 with a build number of 7000 or less cause this error to occur.