Cause: The system files required to run the Report Manager have not been installed on the workstation, or have been corrupted.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, use the following procedure to install or re-install the Report Manager on the problematic workstation. This will re-install and re-register the system files used by the Report Manager.   Setup files for the Report Manager were copied to your GIFTS file server during the GIFTS 6.1 installation or upgrade.

To install the Report Manager:

1.      Log in to the workstation on which the error occurred using a Windows user account with administrative permissions.  
2.      Run the Setup.exe file located in the \GIFTS\Report Manager Setup directory on your GIFTS file server. If your network GIFTS directory is installed on P:\GIFTS , the setup file is located at P:\GIFTS\Report Manager Setup\Setup.exe. 
3.      Click Next . You are prompted to select a Program Folder in the Windows Start menu.  
4.      Choose where you want the Report Manager icon to be displayed in the Windows Start menu, and click Next.
5.      Read the summary of the installation options you chose. The Current Settings field should indicate that a "Report Manager Installation" is to take place in the folder you specified.  
6.      Click Next.  After the MicroEdge system files are installed or re-installed, the Crystal XI System Files Setup Wizard opens.  
7.      Click Next. If the Report Manager has not been installed on the workstation, you are prompted to confirm that you want to install the Crystal XI report viewer files. If the Report Manager has been installed on the workstation, you are given the option to either repair or remove the Crystal files. Select Repair.
8.      Click Next. 
9.      Click Close. You are returned to the Report Manager Setup, which indicates that the setup is complete.  
10.    Click Finish to close the Report Manager Setup program. The installation or repair of the Report Manager system files on this workstation is now complete. To confirm that the issue has been resolved, log in to the Report Manager.