I want to change the request type on an approved or declined request, but don't seem to be able to.

I have an approved or declined request of  certain type, but the request type is incorrect. I need to change it. How can I do this?
Unfortunately, you cannot change the request type of an approved or declined request within GIFTS. You can, however, roll the request back to pending, and from there, change the request type. When you attempt to roll the disposition of an Approved Request back to Pending, GIFTS will check to ensure that there are no outstanding Payments: If you are using the optional Budget Module and you roll back a grant with Payments resolved against the budget, the resolved amount is returned to the committed amount in your budget. For details, please refer to the Budget Module User's Guide . You can roll back a Request with scheduled Payments, provided they are not marked as Paid . If Payments for the Request are marked as Paid, you must void them before you can roll back the Request.  
  1. To roll back an Approved or Declined Request: In the Requests folder of the Organizer, highlight or open the Request.
  2. From the Request menu, choose Action > Rollback to Pending . You are prompted to confirm your intentions.
  3. Click Yes . If GIFTS cannot roll back the Request, you are informed by a message. Otherwise, you are informed that the Request has been rolled back to Pending.
  4. Change the Request Type, as needed.
  5. As appropriate, re-approve or re-decline the Request.  



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