We recommend not using these Letter Merge Fields as they are included by default with Microsoft Word. We recommend using Merge Fields provided by Blackbaud Grantmaking (Formerly GIFTS Online) to ensure all information is properly populating upon Generating Correspondence.

If for example you were using "Letter_Address_Block" and some information, for example the Contact's Title, does not populate correctly, please see the below screenshot to see which fields you could use to best replicate what the Letter field should be including:

User-added imageUser-added image

This is due to that the Letter_Address_Block does not include the Contact Title for new records. In older versions of GIFTS, contacts only had one Title, the Letter Address Block used this. With Affiliations, depending upon the Request, a contact could have many titles. The Contact record in Blackbaud Grantmaking does not have a Contact-level Title, it comes from the primary Affiliation. Therefore, the Letter Address Block no longer includes the Contact Title for new records (although it may appear for old records).