To promote your event please do the following: 
1. Click on the Manage tab and locate your event.  
2. Once you have found your event, click the "Promote" link to the right of the event information.  
3. Notice that you have a few ways to promote your event: you may promote by Users, Groups, Causes and/or Skills.  
4. To send the message to your Group click the Groups tab and expand the group section by clicking the arrow tot he left of the word group, then locate your council and click on it in the "Available" box to move it to the "Selected" box. 
5. To refine the list even further you can select specific causes and skills and the promote e-mail will only go to those that have selected them within their profile.  6.  Next, give your promotional e-mail a "Custom Message". You will notice that the name of your event is automatically entered into the "Title" field.  
You can use the formatting tools to jazz up your Custom Message or even hit the Aa-button at the bottom to enter in HTML code
7.-Click the Preview button to see what your message will look like. Notice that the event description and details are automatically pasted in the e-mail for your convenience. A dialog box will come up alerting you to the total number of users that this promotion will be sent to.  
8. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to send your message.  - OR -
Click the Cancel button if you wish to go back and make changes to your e-mail before sending it.

**** Please Note - That when selecting groups, skills, or causes; Selecting Any means that the message will be sent to any user that is associated with any one (or more) criteria you have chosen.

When selecting all - the message will only be sent to users that fit ALL of the criteria. So the user would be in all of the groups/skills/causes you have chosen.