To set Date Format for Reports, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Administrator module
2. Setup menu > Reporting > Global Formatting > Page Setup tab.
3. The following format options are available under the Date Format dropdown:
Short Date               01/11/2012
Long Date                Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Month Year              January 2012
Month Day, Year      January 11, 2012
Day Month Year       11 January 2012
4. When this option is modified in the Administrator module, the new format may not be reflected in Ad Hoc reports in GIFTS 6.4.  

To correct the Date Format on the Ad Hoc Reports, follow the steps below:
1. After you have generated your Ad Hoc report, go to the Page Setup tab
2. Change the Date Format to any other option and then back to the desired option.
3. Click the Design tab to see the format change.
4. Click Print or Print Preview; the Ad Hoc report should now show the corrected date format.

NOTE:  This procedure may need to be done each time you create a new Ad Hoc report to be printed.