As a short term solution, follow the steps below:

1) Double-click each affected application in the History folder in the GAM one by one to open the HTML.
2) On the Browser window go to  File > Save As .
3) Browse to the Attachment\RecordID folder in your GIFTS directory. Example: If the affected Application has the following numbers associated - 10001\1234\32001 - you must go to the ~\GIFTS\Attachments\1234\  
4) Click on the HTML file and Overwrite it.

As a more permanent solution, overwriting the GFWGAM.exe file with the latest version will resolve this issue for future applications retrieved. To make certain you have the correct and most recent version of the gfwGAM.exe file for your build of GIFTS, contact Microedge Technical Support for assistance at 877-704-3343. 

Please be advised that there is no scheduled resolution to fix the applications that were retrieved prior to this.