When running a macro on a master letter or any document involving macro code you may run into a field calculation error:   A field calculation error occurred on (record#)  

There are two main causes for this error, and they both have to do with the file path in your macro.  
  • The macro file paths only accept two slashes between folders, not one.  
    • For instance if you have a file "C:\export\fndstat.txt" when typing out a macro it must have two slashes for each one slash and be typed as follows: "C:\\export\\fndstat.txt".  
  • The second cause is if you have a space in the beginning or end of your file path.  
    • Using the example above, you will get an error if a space is inserted between the starting quotation and the "C", or after the "t" and the ending quotation.
    • Invalid: " C:\\export\\fndstat.txt"