I'm receiving an Error 285 When Exporting to Excel 2010

Whenever I try exporting to Excel 2010, I receive an error message similar to the following: Error occurred while exporting the contents of the current grid to Microsoft Excel. Error occurred while activating spreadsheet. Technical Support Info: [ddeLinkExec] Error #285 Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation
Resolving the issue may require one or both of the following:

​Option 1:
  1. Browse to the GIFTS folder.
  2. Look for Empty.xls .
  3. Double click to open the file with Excel 2010. If the window in Excel 2010 indicates it is in protected view, click the  Enable Editing button on top.
  4. Save the file.  
Option 2:
  1. In MS Excel 2010 go to  File > Options > Trust Center > Trust File Settings.
  2. Change the options to Open File in Protected Mode and Allow Editing (Bottom section).
  3. Click OK to save your settings. Exit MS Excel. 



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