If you are receiving the above error:
  1. Navigate to X:\npo\oemgmt\config on the server (replacing X: with the correct drive letter) and look for a file called admsrv.lock.  If this file is present, delete it.
If you receive an error that the file is in use or access denied when trying to delete it, check the task manager and close any java.exe processes that may be running.  Try deleting it again.
  1. Go to Start>All Programs>OpenEdge>ProEnv.
  2. In this command prompt window, type the following: proadsv -start
This should start the admin service, which is what allows workstations to connect to the server.
If you receive a blank line after typing the above command, then the admin service should have started.
  1. Now type the following in the ProEnv window: dbman -start -all
This will start your databases if they're not already running.  You may receive errors indicating they are already running, which is fine.
  1. After this step completes, try connecting to FIMS.