In the IGAM Site Design Wizard on the Links tab, if you set the Exit URL link to an address with "http://" or "https://" at the beginning, IGAM will append an additional "http://" to the address when you click on the link.  This will lead to a site address error.

To prevent the error, simply enter the webpage URL without the "http://" at the beginning. Example: Instead of , enter .   NOTE: SSL addresses (https://) and specifying a port are not currently supported for the  Exit URL link.
  1. Launch IGAM.
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Applicant/Grantee View > Options.
  3. Highlight a SiteID and then click the Edit button.
  4. Click the Links tab.
  5. Double-Click Exit URL and remove the "http://" from the beginning of the URL.
  6. Click OK and then Save and Close .