How do I use the Bulk Mail field?

How will the Bulk Mail field improve my mailings and how do I configure it?
The Bulk Mail Recipient field is found on the Profile > Profile 2 tab and is used to identify the profile id that mail should be directed to when this profile is selected in a filter.  It is primarily used when creating a mailing list for Christmas or Holiday cards, Newsletters, Annual reports and other mailings where the cost of mailing is high and duplicates should be removed from the mailing list.  It allows you to identify the profile to be mailed to in these situations.

When correctly using the bulk mail recipient idcode, you can remove additional family members, employees, fellow partners or executives, or duplicate profiles created for other mailing or accounting purposes.

Please refer to the attached document to better understand how to use the Bulk Mail Recipient option.

The document will cover :
  • Ideas for use
  • Default set-up for the field
  • How reports use the field

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