Advanced Searches in GIFTS Online: When performing Advanced searches, the Date format is translated and displayed in the Advanced window in U.S. format (mm/dd/yy), even though it is entered in U.K.format (dd/mm/yy) via the calendar date picker.   When the search is executed, the resulting records will be correct for the date originally selected and display dates in the correct format. However, the header which contains the original search text that displayed in the Advanced window will still display the date in US format.   This may cause some confusion for the user.  
The date in the header area should be ignored as the search results will be correct.

First Day of Week: In the United States, the first day of the week is usually defined as Sunday. In many other countries, Monday is considered the first day of the week.   In GIFTS Online, the Calendar Date Picker does not always respect this setting. Sunday to Saturday may be displayed on each row instead of Monday to Sunday.   The date can still be selected as necessary.  

NOTE: Please refer to your IT / MIS department to find out about your region / language format settings.