If you receive errors when trying to run Graphical Reports or when loading FIMS, the following procedure will likely resolve the issue:
  1. Right-click the FIMS icon on your desktop, and select Run as Administrator.  You may need the administrator password for your workstation, and if that is the case, please contact your IT people.
  2. Once FIMS has loaded, log in as usual.  
  3. Go to Tools > System Utilities > Run Procedure.
  4. Click the Browse button, and navigate to N:\found\FIMS\tools. 
  5. Look for a file called loadclrregardless.p.  
  6. Select that file, and Run the Procedure.
  7. It will likely not appear to do anything, but after a few seconds, close FIMS, and try to load it again by simply double-clicking the FIMS icon on your desktop. Log in as usual, and proceed to run the graphical reports you were attempting to run before.