This error can occur as a result of Windows not allowing FIMS to register 2 files in the Windows folders. In order to get past this error you would need to do it manually by performing the following steps:
  1. Close out of FIMS.
  2. In the Windows Start menu, search for Command Prompt then open the application.   
  3. Type in the following lines one at a time, and hit enter after each line. 
    1. copy n:\found\fims\tview4gl.ocx c:\windows\syswow64
    2. copy n:\dlc\bin\prox.dll c:\windows\syswow64
    3. cd c:\windows\syswow64
    4. regsvr32 prox.dll
    5. regsvr32 tview4gl.ocx
  4. ​Close Command Prompt.
  5. Reopen FIMS  
Note: If you get an error about c:\windows\syswow64 being a bad directory, or not found, then change the paths used to c:\windows\system32.