-L is in the OpenEdge Explorer. Under the FOUND database, there is a configuration link then default configuration. Under the default configuration is a "Lock Table Entries" line. Press the edit button, change it and save. The database has to be restarted.

Here are the detailed steps on how to change the Lock Table Entries setting and re-start the database. Note: Since the database is being re-started, you may want to make sure that all users have saved any work they are currently completing and log out of the system. These steps are completed on the FIMS server:

1. Go to all programs and find the Open Edge folder
2. In that folder click and open Open Edge Explorer
3. On left, expand database and highlight the TEST and LEARN database, which should be named Demo. FOUND is the production database.
4. Click on the link that says Configuration
5. In the configuration screen click on the link under the heading Configuration and Server Group LInks that reads, "configuration.found.defaultconfiguration"
6. Click on the Edit button
7. In the General section find the section labeled Lock Table entries
8. Change the value listed there to a value higher than the number that occurred in the error message. You can also just set the value for 50000 which should be enough to handle any size needed going forward.
9. Restart the database; This is done by going back and clicking the database name on the left side of OpenEdge Explorer and clicking Control. Click Stop database, then when fully stopped click the button that says Start Database.