I added a web page part to MyGifts, and it isn't showing correctly.

Whenever I add certain web clipping page parts in MyGIFTS, the page doesn't display correctly. This only occurs with certain web sites though.
The MyGIFTS Web Clipping page part uses an HTML element called an iframe. Due to security reasons, some websites prevent their web pages from being displayed in an iframe.   Instead of the web page being displayed in the Web Clipping page part, it will take over the browser page and display fullscreen.   This will effectively prevent users from accessing their MyGIFTS homepage as the webpage in the Web Clipping will take over the browser session.   Known sites that can cause this behavior include: - www.grantrequest.com - www.citibank.com  

If you are experiencing this issue you must do the following:
  1. Login to MyGIFTS. Immediately click on the Layouts link in the upper left and 
  2. Remove the Web Clipping part.
  3. Alternatively, click the Edit button for the Web Clipping part before the web page begins loading and change the URL.



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