To have multiple columns: 
  • Click in one of the cells of your pivot table
  • Click your right mouse button and select Pivot table Options in the context menu, this will open a form with tabs
  • Click on the tab Display and tag the check box Classic Pivot table layout
To repeat the items of row label:
  • Click on a cell of the desired column:
  • Click with the right mouse button and select Field Settings in the context menu
  • A form opens
  • Change the Subtotal option from Automatic to None for each element in the Row Label section

Another option:  
  • When in the pivot table setup drag all the items you want to appear on a row- for instance idcode, report name, ASF, address elements into the row section 
  • Choose subtotals none
  • On the pivot table design tab choose Report Layout - Tabular
  • This will put the elements in their own columns