How do I set up Outlook so I can email from FIMS

In order to use the email functionality in FIMS, you must first set up Outlook.
For HostNet users, see the attached document and the instructions below:
  1. Perform an action in FIMS which involves email (such as hitting the “Send E-Mail” button on a Profile record)
  2. You will get a window that says "Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup."  Click “Next”
  3. Make sure “Yes” is selected on the next page, and click “Next”
  4. Select the option to “Manually configure server settings or additional server types." Click “Next”
  5. Verify “Internet E-Mail” is selected and click “Next”
  6. On this page, make sure the following options are set:
  7. Your Name: fill this in with your name
  8. E-Mail Address: fill this in with your email address
  9. Account Type: POP3
  10. Incoming mail server: nothing (literally type the word “nothing”)
  11. Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  12. Uncheck “Test Account Settings by clicking the Next button”
  13. Leave all other options as they are
  14. Click “Next”
  15. Click “Finish”
On premise, self-hosted customers:
If you are self-hosted, do the following below; note for self-hosted FIMS per the system requirements, “only a desktop installation of Office 2007/2010/2013 connected to Office 365 is fully compatible with FIMS”. See the following:

To set up email for use with FIMS if you are self-hosted there are two steps:

1. Setup the email.exe in FIMS to point to the local Outlook installation. See page 76 regarding the email.exe of the following document:

 2. You will also need to configure Outlook for email. Reach out to your IT person for email server name or any other information needed in email setup:



Setting up Outlook on Hostnet.docx

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