How can I get my GL accounts to default in when processing gifts for things other than just checks.

When I process a regular gift the GL accounts default in.  When I process a paypal gift, I have to change the GL accounts.  How can I fix it so I don't have to keep changing the accounts?
In FIMS, you can specify accounts based on the type of gift using the gift type code. In the code table found in File Maintenance> Gifts> Gift Code Maintenance > Gift Type Code, you can enter GL accounts to be associated with any of the columns displayed in the code table set-up.

For example:
  • You can enter a different asset account when you process a credit card gift. 
  • You can identify different revenue accounts when you process annual dinner or golf tournament ticket purchases. 
  • You can identify expense accounts to be associated with fees.

The values entered in the code table will supersede any default set in the Fund Class code table. Please see attached document for screenshots and instructions.
  Gift Type Code Maintenance.docx

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