How do you post an Interfund Grant where the gift side already posted?

The Grant side of an interfund can be posted separately after the gift side has already been posted.
First confirm that the Gift side of the Interfund has been posted. If yes, then it will be necessary to post the Grant side so there is a pair.

Since the regular Grants edit and post will not select an Interfund, it is first necessary to change the grant back to a regular grant so posting is possible. To do this go to Tools\system utilities\admin utilities\Global change program In the Tool select the Application table, the Interfund Field and Grant number in the field to limit by. The limit by is NOT optional.  It must be filled in with the grant number or other grants will change. The old value for Interfund is yes and the new value no.

Once changed post the grant ONLY to AP.  DO NOT post in AP. 

After posting go back to the Global change process and choose the Grants table for the file to change.  This time you will be changing from no to yes.  Limit by grant number again.   Please call FIMS support at this point because either a support rep or R&D will need to dial in and in the progress editor change the apphistory table value back to a yes.  It is not available in global change.

Once the grant is adjusted back to the Interfund, go to AP. In AP go to the Item Entry and then the Line Items tab and modify the expense line and any other lines to reflect the typical choices for an Interfund Grant.  Save and post.




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