To reverse the debit memo created when voiding a grant check and restore the payable item, perform the following steps:
  1. In Accounts Payable, click on the New A/P Item button in the upper right hand corner. 
  2. Select or input the Grantee ID associated with the Debit Memo/Grant.
  3. Enter the Grant number in the Invoice Number field.
  4. Enter a description and the date.  This date would typically be the date associated with the erroneously created debit memo.
  5. Important: Click on the radio button labeled Debit Memo and check Debit Memo box. 
  6. You are applying this Debit Memo to an existing Voucher, so you must enter the number in the Apply To box. This voucher will be the grant number followed by the payment number.  e.g. 2014012401 where the grant number is 20140124.  You can find the voucher number in the History tab in AP.
  7. Click Save. You should get a pop-up message about this voucher being in history and will move upon save.
  8. Click on the Line Items tab and click the New button on the toolbar.  
  9. Fill in the appropriate information.  You would typically be entering the Grants Paid or Grants Voted account in the Expense line, a Grants Payable account in the payable and the Checking Account in the Cash line.  Please review the Voucher history line items for this grant and replicate the information. The amount of the line item will be a negative number since you are restoring the voucher/payable.
  10. Click Save when done.
  11. Run the AP Edit and Post from the Processes tab. The Edit report should have a warning indicating that the debit memo amount is a negative.  This is correct. 
  12. Once posted the voucher will be restored in Open items for you to pay.