There are three types of default data grid views used for look-up ( profile and fund):
User Lookup View - your own default view for look-ups
Foundation Lookup View - everyone's default view for look-ups
Default View - system default view

When you click on a look-up button on either the profile id or fund id field in FIMS, the system determines what view it is going to display.  If there is a User Lookup View, that view will be displayed.  If not, it checks to see if there is a Foundation Lookup View.  If not, it will display the Default View.  So a User Lookup View has priority over both the Foundation Lookup View and the Default View.

To create a default look-up,
  1. Click the look-up button associated with the type of look-up ( idcode or fundid).
  2. Click View settings Typically you would start with the existing Default View as a base so click Save As.
  3. Enter in either User Lookup View or Foundation Lookup View.
  4. Modify the view to your specifications.
  5. Save and generate.