How do I create a master merge template?

You can create a master merge in Word based off of coding in FIMS to pull up different documents when certain values are present in the individual records. 
You can set up a master mail merge template using Microsoft Word and an export from FIMS. Please see the attached document for instructions on how to create a single master merge document that will then use the appropriate detailed letter based on the record coding.

This method is typically used when you want a different merge template used for correspondence when different values are present in the record.  For instance:
  • Acknowledgement letters that include different phrasing, additional paragraphs, invitations, requests based on the values in each gift.  So each gift letter can have a different look and feel based on the acknowledgement code you chose on the gift record.
  • Letters to grantees can have different terms and conditions based on coding on the application.
Tip: It is helpful to name the merge template after the code in FIMS. For example, if you have a "Gen" code in FIMS, you can create a "Gen.docx" file to map to.
  Creating a Master Merge Template.docx

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