How do I automatically run all of my acknowledgement letters?

The attached document will walk through setting up a master merge template to easily launch all of the acknowledgement letters.
We have prepared a document to walk you through the steps necessary to automate your acknowledgement process.  The process is this:
  • FIMS: Run the Gift Acknowledgment Export from the Process Tab in Unposted Gifts to create a data file to use for creating the merge letters
  • MS Word: Using the exported data file, create the acknowledgment letter(s) in Word
  • MS Word: Test the merge letter(s) against the data export from FIMS
  • MS Word: Create a master Letter to launch all acknowledgment letters at one time
  • MS Word: Add the header to the master merge letter
  • FIMS: Install the macro files in MSWord if necessary using FIMS tool
  • MS Word: Run the macros to split the letters into the desired Windows folders
  • FIMS:   Run the export and this .fill in the Autolaunch Document field to test the automatic letter creation

Details of each of these steps can be found in the attached document.

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