There are several ways to enter in budgets from  the General Ledger.

You can access the three methods:
  • File Maintenance\Enter GL Budgets - best if you have a single fund and wish FMS to spread the amounts across the various months
  • File Maintenance\G/L Budget Import - best if you have your budget in a spreadsheet and don't wish to retype the values
  • Accounts Super tab\Account tab - best if you need to modify an existing budget entry or enter a few values

Any of the three methods will work and can be used individually or for different parts of the budget entry.  Each one has its own advantages.  If you need additional explanation, the FIMS Help manual describes how to run the two File Maintenance items.  You can access online help from the Help Menu item in FIMS.  Navigate to the General Ledger section and the File Maintenance sub section to access help on the individual File Maintenance items.

For the third option you navigate to the account needing a budget, click the account tab and enter the budget.  Make sure you are in the correct year.

If you are pro-actively entering your budget for the following year, you will need to run the File Maintenance\End of Year Closing process at least once to create the accounts for the year.  You should not click any boxes at this time to advance the year.