To update Bulletin preferences foundation-wide (for example, turning off bulletin notifications for a product the foundation does not use):
1.      In FIMS, go to Tools>System Utilities>System Options.
2.      Under Section, choose “Bulletins”.
3.      There will be 5 options from which to choose: DonorCentral, FIMS Core, FIMS CRM, IGAM and Kimbia.  Select the appropriate option.
4.      Under the Value section, choose which bulletins you wish to see for the specific product option.
5.      Repeat for additional products.
Reminder: If you set these preferences to “Show None” and later add that product, Bulletins for that product will not display until you return to this section and manually turn them back on.
The better option is to set individual user preferences.
To update Bulletin preferences specific to one user:
1.      In FIMS, go to Tools>User Bulletin Preferences.
2.      Here you will find the same 5 options.  Choose the product and then the value.
This will update the preferences for receiving bulletins for ONLY the username that is currently logged in and will have no effect on any other username in the foundation.