If you have an existing pool already set-up in FACTS and you are adding one or more additional investment accounts, it is a very simple process to add an additional investment account.
  1. Click on the Accounts supertab in the FACTS module.
  2. Click on the white paper in the upper left to create a new investment account.
  3. Enter the Account code and Account Name
  4. Select the Pool id from the drop down next to the field titled 'Pool'.
  5. Make sure unitized is checked.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click on the Initial Balance button.
  8. Click Add Initial Balance, then Done. Do not edit the dollar values or dates. The dates that pre-populate should be from the previous cycle and the reconciled checkbox should be checked so that that account will be automatically reconciled for the previous month then in reconciliation you start the new cycle for the current period.
  9. Your new Investment account is ready for reconciliation in the current cycle.