How Can I Change Paths for my External Documents for GIFTS/GIFTS Alta?

The path to external documents is stored in the GIFTS database in the Activities table, in the Letter_File_Name field. In GIFTS or Alta, this will appear in the column within the Document Workspace. If there is only a file name in that field, such as "31140952.doc" for example, GIFTS knows to look for this file in the ~\GIFTS\Document\ folder specified in the Administrator > Setup > Preferences > External settings.

If a full file path is stored in that field, such as \\servername\GIFTS\External  Docs\FileName.doc, then GIFTS will use that full path to find the file. If you have moved servers, it is highly probable that this path is now changed on your network. This change is not automatic in GIFTS and must be altered using a Utility called ModifyDocPath6x.exe. This Utility may be obtained from Microedge GIFTS Technical Support - please contact us at or 877-704-3343 should you have need to use this tool. Once you have obtained the Utility, follow the steps below.

1. Make sure everyone is out of GIFTS or GIFTS Alta.
2. Make a Backup of your database.
3. Place the ModifyDocPath6x.exe on a GIFTS workstation
4. Make sure that the GIFTS.INI file is pointing to the correct location of your database files
5. Launch the ModifyDocPath6x.exe by double-clicking
6. You will be prompted to log into GIFTS; please log in as you normally would to GIFTS or Alta
7. You will then be asked to put the Find path and Replace path. The Find path is the OLD location of your files, the Replace path is the NEW location.
8. Once complete, click OK and allow the Utility to run to completion. Your file paths for external documents will now be updated!

CAUTION: Be very careful that all of your spelling is correct; that you use consistent pathing, and make sure your Find path string is unique to the records you want to alter. Don't make it too short, or you may end up altering more records than you wanted. Please note that this utility will only update the paths in the database; you still need to actually move the files from the old location to the new location if not moved already.



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