Starting in FIMS 14.0, any field names, labels, or screen codes using '&' will not successfully update even though the commit will show as successfully completed.

You cannot use the '&' in field names, labels, or screen codes.  If a field with an & has already been created and used to enter data, then a new field will need to be created on the Field tab (without an '&') to take the place of the old one.  Then the layout will need to be re-created with the new field:

If the field name on the Field has an '&' in it:
  1. Run an export containing the module and FieldMaker information to be used as the basis for importing the data later.
    • Include the unique identifier - profile ID code, gift number, grant number, fund ID, etc.
    • Add in any FieldMaker field that has an '&' in the screen name
  2. Add a new field in FieldMaker Field tab keeping the values the same
  3. Delete the field with an & value in both the Layout and Screen tabs after exporting the data in step 1
  4. Re-create your Layout tab
  5. Commit changes in FieldMaker
  6. Use Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Import Record Updates to update the new field you created with the values from the old field
If only the Label name has an '&' in it:
  1. Delete the field from the Layout tab and save
  2. On the Field tab, adjust the Label name and save
  3. Add the field back to the appropriate location on the Layout tab and save
  4. Commit the changes in FieldMaker
It is best to only use alphanumeric characters and underscores in Field names and screen names.

If you have questions on this process, please contact FIMS Support.