For versions 7.5 and higher, contact Customer Support, with the database serial number* and version number of the database you are wanting to copy. The database serial number is case sensitive; please be sure to type it exactly how it appears in the Help, About menu.

*Note: If you have multiple databases connected to the BMC for the same product, provide the serial number for each database.
For versions earlier than 7.5, you must update to take advantage of this feature.

Once Customer Support sends your Unlock code, proceed with the following instructions:

Big Picture:

1. Backup the live database -> store this elsewhere and note the location 
(Do Not skip this Step - the Backup is necessary and will become your Live Database in Step# 10). 
2. Run the unlock code on the database attached (this will become the sample)
3. After verifying the database serial number has changed, detach the newly created sample database
4. Reattach the true live Organization database backup in the Blackbaud Management Console 
5. Reattach the newly created Sample database (Call it 'Organization' Sample)

To use the unlock code:

1. Log into the software as Supervisor. 
2. Select Tools, Unlock Add On Modules  from the menu bar (Unlock Add-on Modules in The Financial Edge and The Education Edge) 
3. Enter the activation code in all capital letters and click OK. 
4. Directly Exit and Sign Out of the Software
5. Detach the (now test) database from the Blackbaud Management Console
6. Reattach  the (now test) database to the Blackbaud Management Console
7. Log into the software as Supervisor
8. Go to Help, About Financial Edge and confirm the serial number has been changed.
9. Detach the test database again
10. Reattach the true live Organization database backup in the Blackbaud Management Console 
11. Reattach the newly created Sample database (Call it 'Organization' Sample)

If Blackbaud hosts your database or you have Raiser's Edge NXT or Financial Edge NXT:

You can purchase a temporarily hosted database that can be used for testing and or training.

(NOTE: Your organization's site administrator must sign a temporary database form and give it to support to process your request.  The fee for the temporary database is $200 a month, with a minimum requirement of one month.)
(NOTE: If you are a Blackbaud Europe customer, we can complete this work via our Data Management Services at a cost. For more information, please speak to your Blackbaud Account Manager)