1. Right-click the desired field you wish to change
  2. Select Format Field or Format Text
  3. On the Font tab, click X+2 across from the font property you wish to change (ex: Color or Style)
  4. In the Formula Workshop window, you can specify the conditions for when to change the font color or style. Conditional formula examples:
    • To display Pledges in red, use a formula similar to the following:
      if {Gf_Type} = "Pledge" then crRed else crBlack
    • If you are checking for multiple values, the formula would be:
      if {Gf_Type} in ["Pledge", "MG Pledge"] then crRed else crBlack
    • To display Gift Amounts in italics if the gift date is within a specific date range:
      If {Gf.Gf_Date} > DATE(2016,6,16) then crItalic else crRegular
  5. Click Save and Close in the Formula Workshop window
  6. Click OK in the Format Editor window