The number of records in the query may not match the number of records in the mailing. To determine why the numbers do not match, consider the following:
    • Ensure the correct query is selected.
    • Mail eliminates any constituents without an address marked as 'Send mail to this address'.
    • Depending on the query criteria and output, the query may contain duplicates. The number listed in the query is the number of rows, not the number of distinct records. To get the number of distinct records, change the query to a static format; the number of keys generated is the number of records in the query.
    • The mailing is filtering out records. For example, selecting only one spouse using the Head of Household functionality, whereas the query may contain both spouses. Or the mailing is excluding them based on options selected on the Addresses or Filers tab in the mailing.
    • The options under Include These Constituents is not the same in the query and the mailing:
      • Inactive constituents
      • Deceased constituents
      • Export both with no valid address

      • If mailing to organizations, marking the option, Send to each contact, results in more than one mailing per organization. The organization is only counted once in the query.
      • In some Mail functions, you can select to send the mailing per gift or per donor. If the query is a constituent query and you select the per gift option, you may export more records than are in the query because each donor may have more than one gift. If so, multiple records export when the per gift option is selected while only one records exports when the per donor option is selected.

      For troubleshooting instructions, refer to How to troubleshoot missing or incorrect records in a mailing (labels, envelopes, Quick Letters, etc.) (BB315710).