Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Verify the correct user name and password are being entered:
    1. Log into Security using the Supervisor user name and password.
      Note: If the Supervisor password is unknown or not working, refer to How to reset the Supervisor password
    2. Locate or change the user's password.
    3. If the user cannot be found, create the new user.
  2. If the password was recently changed:
    1. Enter the first eight characters of the password.
    2. If the user is able to log in with the first eight characters, use those characters as the password or change the password to one that is eight characters or fewer in length.
  3. If the password has not recently been changed:
    1. Recreate the user name.
    2. If this works, delete the username.
  4. Recreate the user's network profile.