Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

  1. If the appeal already exists in The Raiser's Edge, proceed to step 2. If it's not created already, add the appeal record and optionally, add the appeal package  (Note: The appeal and package must be created before the global add. New appeals and packages cannot be added from within the Globally Add Records tool.)
  2. Create a constituent query of records that should have the appeal. (Tip: If you have a list of constituent IDs or import IDs of the records in Excel, you may be able create the query copying and pasting the IDs into a query or using a Constituent import.)
  3. In Administration, select Globally Add Records.
  4. In the Add field, select Appeal.
  5. Include all constituents or a selected constituent, individual, or organization query (Note: If you wish to send an email to the Constituents involved with this Appeal, be sure to check the Send Email Message? box and fill out the appropriate information. For more detailed information about globally sending email, see How to globally send email.)
  6. Click Appeal Information to enter the appeal ID and date. Optionally, you can also add package, response, and comments.
  7. Click Save to return to the Global Add screen.
  8. Mark the Create control report and Update number solicited checkboxes. (Note: For more on the Update number solicited option, review How to update the No. Solicited for appeals.)
  9. Click Add Now.

Additional information:
  • Appeal packages are optional to use. For more information, refer to What are appeal packages and how do I add them?
  • Packages exist only on Appeals and cannot be globally added by themselves. For more information, refer to What are appeal packages and how do I add them?
  • Global add will put the same information on all the records in the attached query. To add unique appeal information, such as a specific package or unique comments, to each constituent record, refer to How to import constituent appeals.
  • Global add will put the same appeal and package to all records in the attached query. If you have multiple packages within the same appeal that need to be added, create separate queries for each appeal and package combination and run separate global adds for each one. 
  • Global add does not add or update a package alone on an existing appeal. If you need to globally update an existing appeal with a package, please refer to How to globally add a package to an existing assigned appeal
  • An appeal may also be added to a constituent record when sending a mailing from Mail. Refer to How to use the Segment tab for more information.