1. Go to Records> Funds
  2. Click Open a Fund to then search and open the desired Fund
  3. With the Fund record open, select View> Summary> Fund Summary from the menu bar
  4. Select the desired filters (include date range, gift types, etc)
  5. Click Finish
In the Breakdown section, users will be able to choose the "Breakdown" by field - such as Campaign, Appeal, Fund, Calendar Year, etc.  The columns are as follows:
  • Received - All regular Cash Gifts (does not include pledge payments), Gift in Kind, Other, and Stock
  • Pledged - the total amount pledged (and recurring gifts, if included)
  • Paid - All pay-cash gifts
  • Written Off - all write-offs
  • Balance - all remaining balances on outstanding pledges to the fund (and recurring gifts if included - these are not included by default but can be) 
    • Note: Write-offs are subtracted from this amount so the true balance is reflected)
  • Total Committed - This includes cash, pay-cash, Gift in Kind, Other, Stock,  and the remaining balance on any outstanding pledges (basically, this column is the sum of the Received, Paid, and Balance column of the report).
  • No. Gifts - All gifts mentioned above (write-offs are not included)