In the Downloads section of our website, click the product to download (You can also reach the Downloads Page by logging into> Selecting Support> Downloads).
  1. On the File Download screen, click Save to save the executable to your server's hard drive.
    Note: To complete the update process, each workstation must be updated by a person with a minimum of power user rights.   
  2. When the download completes, double-click the executable to launch it on the server. Depending on the type of update one of two things will occur:
    • An installation wizard will begin automatically. If this is the case, proceed with the installation wizard and refer back to the installation instructions for additional information.  
    • The Win-Zip Self-Extractor window appears prompting for a location to which to extract the files. If this is the case:
      1. Click Browse and select a directory to extract the update files to (e.g. the Desktop).  
      2. Click Unzip to begin extracting the files.  
      3. Once the files are extracted, click Close.  
      4. For most updates the process creates an "Install" directory or a directory named "Standard" is created with the "Install" directory inside of it, which contains the folders and files necessary to update the software.  Refer back to the installation instructions for additional information:
If you use one of our version 7 products, we also recommend installing the latest cumulative patch after you install the latest version. Refer to these Knowledgebase solutions for instructions:

Note: Only the latest versions can be downloaded from the website.