The Task Manager may show The Financial Edge as not responding when it is processing a large amount of data or when the workstation is communicating with the server.

When the process running is changing data in some way (such as posting or importing) continue to let the process run whenever possible. Stopping the process in the middle could cause data to become invalid. If the process is not changing data, such as exporting, running a report or running query, one option is to run it during lunch or overnight if necessary, until the process completes successfully or an error occurs. If an error occurs, this will provide additional information as to why The Financial Edge appeared to be not responding.

  • For reconciliation purposes, it is recommended to post at least monthly or weekly. The posting process validates each transaction, which takes longer if not posting regularly.
  • If you have The Financial Edge, Accounting Queue is an optional module that allows you to schedule financial processes to run overnight, while no one else using the database. For more information on Accounting Queue, email