• If the letters being merged into the mask are located in a different drive and directory, the path needs to be specified, and "\" needs to separate the drive and directory, and also the directory and the filename. Example F:\Files\Letter01.doc

    • The letters being merged into the mask have merge fields in them that were not selected when the data file was created.

    • If the Microsoft options do not work, try the following:
      Instead of using the If, Then Else, and the Insert Field/Include Text feature, use the insert file feature, by browsing out and pulling the actual file. This will place the actual text of the document into the merge statement, prior to the merge.

    • Re-create the mask document

      Note: If merge documents are stored on a network drive, copy the entire folder that contains the mask document, merge documents, and data file locally and attempt the merge again. Make sure to browse out to the Data Source stored on the local drive before merging from the Mask Document. To do this, from within the Mask Document, choose Tools, Mail Merge from the menu bar. Then choose "Open Data Source" and browse to the data file on the local drive.

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