The Donor Category Report divides constituents into giving clubs or levels based on donor categories you define in Configuration, Tables.

To run the report: 

  1. Set up the donor categories.
  2. In Reports, select Analytical Reports, Donor Category Report and click New.
  3. You can run the report for all or selected constituent records, filter it by gift type, campaigns, funds, appeals, or constituency, and specify a date range.
  4. Mark the Create output query checkbox on the General tab if you want to create a query of the report's results. You can use this query to prepare labels or envelopes for all donors on the report.
  5. In the Report Type frame on the General tab, select detail, summary, or both. The detail format shows the constituent name and the amount given. The summary format includes columns for the category name, the giving level, the number of constituents per category, the amount given per category, and the total amount given.
  6. On the Format tab, highlight Detail on the left, and select which donor category table (1, 2, or 3) to use for the report.
    Note: To only review specific categories in the report, mark the 'Use Selected Categories Only' box, and select the categories that should be included.

    Detail view of the Format tab

  7. In the Detail Order frame, select Constituent last name or Amount given.
  8. Mark the Print each category on a separate page checkbox if you want each donor category printed on a new page.
  9. Optionally, filter by donor category if appropriate. (Note: If a constituent's giving does not qualify him for any of the donor categories specified in the table used for the report, he is not excluded from the report. Instead, he appears in a category called Unknown.)
  10. Optionally, add up to two additional columns, such as Amount Given, by going to the Format tab, highlighting Optional Columns on the left, and selecting the desired column(s).


Sample Detail Report

Donor Category Report in Detail


Sample Summary Report

Donor Category Report in Summary