Posting (Committing) a Batch

In Batch, you can quickly and efficiently enter numerous gifts at once. After you enter all the gift information, you can post, or commit, this batch of gifts. Posting in Batch commits the gifts in the batch to constituent records. This posting process does not affect the Posting to General Ledger function.

Posting to the General Ledger

Posting to the General Ledger transfers gift information from The Raiser's Edge to your accounting software. Post to General Ledger creates a data file of gifts to import into your accounting software. This allows you to track accountability of all gifts. You do not have to interface with Blackbaud's General Ledger to use this functionality as data can be exported in various formats.

Post Status vs. Post Date

When creating a new batch of gifts, you may notice some fields are required and already populated. The Post Date and Post Status fields are required on all gifts.

Post Date is the date/accounting period the gift posts to the specified account or project. Regardless of the day the actual posting process is completed, the gift will show in the account or project's activity on the date specified in the GL Post date field. The default is the date the gift is entered, but you can change it manually if necessary. Changing the post date allows you to post gifts to a different accounting period.

Post Status indicates whether the gift has been posted to the General Ledger. Valid entries are Posted, Not Posted, and Do Not Post. When you add a new gift, Post Status defaults to Not Posted. When you run Post to General Ledger, the post status on included gifts automatically changes to Posted. A status of Do Not Post prevents the gift from posting to General Ledger.